Newark 2018

A new festival experience on the banks of the River Trent

Newark Traditions Festival

Three's a Crowd

Maids of Clifton Morris

Allington Morris

Greenwood Clog Dancers

Black Annis Morris

Black Annis perform dances from the Cotswold tradition and wear purple, green and white, the colours of the women's social and political (suffragette) movement. We dance in the traditions of Ducklington, Fieldtown, Adderbury and Humberstone Gate, a tradition unique to Black Annis! We are named after Leicester’s famous witch and dance at her cave (bower ) every midsummer. No information about Black Annis is complete without mentioning our fool 'William Morris' whose bearded antics are loved by all.

Greenwood Step Clog is a Nottingham based mixed side, established in the 1970s, welcoming all genders and accompanied children. Greenwood dances traditional British step clog, a style focused on the rhythms made by the feet tapping on a hard surface. We wear English clogs, the wooden soled leather shoes commonly worn by manual workers during the Industrial Revolution.  

Heartsease Country  Dancers was formed in October 2008 from members of Jean Hopkinson's Folk Dance Group.   We display 17c dances dressed in relevant country costume.John Playford first published these dances in 1651 and they are usually referred to as Playford Dances.   One of these is called Heartsease; it is for two couples and it is our signature dance.    Heartsease is also a tiny wild pansy and this has inspired the colour of our costumes - shades of purple, yellow and green. We meet on Monday afternoons between 1.45 and 4.15pm

Allington Morris came together as an attraction at the then Allington Gala Day and has continued for almost 30 years entertaining in the Cotswold tradition both locally and attending countrywide Morris events. The side attracts both dancers and musicians not only from the village but from a wide area.

Sullivan’s Sword is a mixed longsword side founded in 1975 and based in Nottingham. We perform dances from the Yorkshire longsword tradition and our costume consists of green moleskin trousers with maroon and gold waistcoats. Last year we were delighted to be the winners of the Snark trophy for best audience reaction at the Sword Dance Union 2016 Longsword Tournament in Goathland, with our performance of the Salton dance.

The Maids of Clifton dance team was formed in 1979 by a group of students based at the Clifton Campus of Trent Polytechnic, now Nottingham Trent University. The team performs a range of dances, many originating from, and taking the names of, towns and villages in the North west of England, such as Runcorn, Knutsford and Clitheroe. These would have been danced by the workers from the cotton mills in the late nineteenth century.

Husband and wife team, Mike & Melanie, have been performing together for 10 years, when Mike first learnt the melodeon, though Melanie has been clogging for over thirty years. They perform routines from Sam Sherry, Pat Tracey, Bert Bowden and Bill Gibbons as well as some of Melanie's own steps.


Heartsease Country Dancers

Sullivan's Sword

The Minster Strays were formed in 2003 as a mixed side, based amidst the Howardian hills between York and Pickering. Wearing green, burgundy and gold waistcoats, and colourful tatters, we perform the dances of Old England as well as our own unique creations in traditional style.  Our repertoire includes elegant dances from the Cotswolds with complex sequences of galleys and capers, together with wild, raucous frolics from the Welsh borders.

The Lincoln and Micklebarrow Morris Men perform English Cotswold Morris dances.  They were formed in January 2001 from two former teams: the Lincoln Morris Men and the Micklebarrow Morris Men.  Our badge comprises Lincoln's famous Imp, holding a pair of handkerchiefs, naturally, inside a Bramley Apple. Lincoln Morris Men were formed in 1969 and for many years danced in and around Lincoln.  Micklebarrow (literally 'large hill') Morris Men were formed in 1976 in Southwell and danced around the Southwell / Newark area.  

Maltby Sword Dancers

Our local 19th century Plough Monday tradition enjoyed short-lived revivals in the 1920s and the 1970s until in 2002 the dance was revived by students at the local secondary school. After several changes of fortune and personnel we are now a mixed community traditional dance team performing our own sword dances and the plough bullocks' dances traditional to East and South Yorkshire.

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Bishops Morris is a mixed, community side of all ages. They dance predominantly Longsword and Cotswold morris dances, some traditional and some which they have developed recently. They practise in Lincoln on Tuesday evenings.

Minster Strays

Bishop's Morris

Maltby Sword Dancers

Ripley Green Garters

Lincoln & Micklebarrow Morris

Malt Whiskers

Jolly Beggars

Ripley Green Garters are a women’s North West Morris side celebrating 34 years together. We hail from the east coast of Derbyshire (Derbyshire is widely known as “an island of culture in a sea of barbarism”).

Our ages range from 28 to 65+ and energy used is in direct proportion to years. Thus, you’re more likely to catch an alluring glimpse of garter on black stockings on a more mature member.

Rivington Morris is a Women's team of North West Morris Dancers. These demure cultured women hail from near Bolton in Lancashire. Hundreds have looked on in awe and marvelled at their stunning stepping, precision, music and reinforced foundation garments.  "Make room - these Women take no prisoners".

Rivington Morris

These are some of the many performers who made Newark Traditions 2017 so memorable -

Our thanks to them all and others not mentioned here - (see 'Programme')