Newark 2018

Second year's exciting festival experience on the banks of the River Trent

Newark Traditions Festival

20th – 22nd July 2018


Dance Spots

1 Castle Gardens: dancing at the Bandstand

2 Market Place: dancing in front of Buttermarket/Town Hall

3 Market Place: dancing  on road outside Starbucks

4 Appletongate: dancing on  wide pavement in front of Palace Theatre / Information Centre

Procession Route: Bridge Street to Market Place via Church Walk                                  

                                                                                                    on map

Toilets: public toilets are marked WC on the map (20p)

At the Castle Gardens there are toilet facilities in the Registry Office.

For the Market Place, there are public toilets at St Marks Place.

There are also lots of friendly pubs.

There are toilets in the Palace theatre.